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Sunday, July 30, 2017

July 30, 2017: Del Rio News-Herald * Letter to the Editor * The real housewives of Riverville

Letter to the Editor,

The Real Housewives of Riverville

Buena-Vista Golden and Cienegas Dorado, friends since high school, affectionately greet each other at Place of the Sun Mall. 

Hi-hi! Kiss-kiss! Hug-hug!

Cienegas: How have you been? You look faaaaabulous!

Buena-Vista: I’m doing great! You look marvelous!

Cienegas: It’s summer and it’s just sooooo hot!

Buena-Vista: Remember what we used to say when we were poor and didn’t have an air conditioner, ‘How hot is it?’

Cienegas: ‘It’s as hooooot as jalapeƱos!’ 

Both Buena-Vista and Cienegas boisterously burst laughing out loud, so loud that passersby turn and stare. 

But they are oblivious to the stares and just think that everyone is obviously looking at them because they are both so rich and gorgeous.

Buena-Vista: Have you been to the new cosmetics store, Selosa?

Cienegas: Of course! Don’t be silly, I was there on opening day, I just looove it!

Buena-Vista: I do all my shopping in Dallas or Houston, but when I need a quick picker-upper, I just dash into Selosa for a touch of sophisticated elegance in this God-forsaken, desert for dummies, tumble-weed town.

Cienegas: I know what you mean; I can baaaaarely stand it here. One does what one can with what one has. And fortunately I have a lot of money to spend on pampering and preening myself to look gorgeous.

Buena-Vista: And you always look gorgeous.

Cienegas: Thank yooooou, you do too. Really! I mean it! Life is definitely treating you well.

Buena-Vista: Well, to tell you the truth, I may look great on the outside, but honestly on the inside I feel strikingly sad.

Cienegas: I don’t admit it to other people, but because we’ve known each other since we were young and poor. You know, I’m also feeling pretty miserable. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable. Remember how much fun we had when we didn’t have the burden of being sooooo wealthy and beautiful. 

Buena-Vista: We were just plain Vanilla Buena-Vista and sweet Chocolate Cienegas.

Cienegas: Sooooo plain and sooooo simply sweet.

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.
Del Rio