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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 12, 2017: Del Rio News-Herald * OPINION * Letter to the Editor * Playing the waiting game

Letter to the Editor,

Playing the waiting game

This was written while sitting in the doctor’s waiting room . . .
A lot of our time is spent waiting.
We wait for the traffic light to turn green.
We wait for phone calls, emails, texts and tweets.
We wait to go to the bathroom because we are doing something important.
We wait in waiting rooms.
We wait until the commercial comes on to get up and leave the room.
We wait on the waiter or waitress to come take our order.
We wait in lines of people and in lines of cars.
We wait on hold on the phone playing music with static and screeching sounds.
We wait for the desktop computer to start up.
We wait for a website to load onto the screen.
We wait for holidays and before we know it they’ve come and gone.
We wait for the plumber and the electrician.
We wait for a special package to be delivered.
When we are young we can’t wait until it’s our next birthday and when we are older we can’t believe it’s already another birthday.
When we are young, we can’t wait because time seems to go by so slow, and when we are older, we want time to wait for us, because time seems to go by so fast.
When we are young we can’t wait to be older, and when we are older we wonder why we ever wished to be older.
When we are young we can’t wait to be older and look forward to the future and when we are older, we look back to the past and realize how much time we have spent waiting for the future to finally come.
When we are young we think how great it is to be an adult and we can hardly wait, and when we are adults we realize how great it was to be a kid.
And our final wait, is waiting for eternity; for our everlasting life to begin in heaven with God.

Writing While Waiting!
Marian Casillas, Ed.D.
Del Rio