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Friday, March 10, 2017

Letter to the Editor,

Make America Godly Again

On February 18 in Melbourne, Florida, the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, called the crowd to pray, bowing her head and leading The Lord’s Prayer. We have never seen a first lady start a rally with The Lord’s Prayer honoring God in such a humble way. 

She was mocked and persecuted for doing this when instead she should be applauded for the courage she exhibited. We should be proud of our First Lady. It is refreshing to see the First Lady of the United States recite The Lord’s Prayer in public. May we see prayer coming back, front and center after all these years, for it has been neglected for a long time!  May we reclaim our heritage as “one nation under God” and stand in simple humility and prayerfulness as Melania Trump did!

God has a way of picking unlikely material, a thrice married billionaire and his former nude model wife. God surely works in mysterious ways. Wouldn’t it be beyond the believable for God to hand victory to almost defeated Christians on issues such as pro-life and religious liberty by such unlikely material?  It's the possibility that Christians prayed for leading up to the November 8th presidential election. It's a good thing God works through and in sinners, or none of us would have a chance. Imagine The Lord’s Prayer was spoken through a sinner; we are all sinners but with faith we ask God’s forgiveness.

Political correctness is built upon shifting sand, Christians build upon The Rock. We cannot see the details known perfectly to God.  We must pray for God’s Will to be done. God who is merciful and loving will provide for us and deliver us from evil.  Our national motto: In God we trust.

Let us pray for our President Donald Trump and our First Lady Melania Trump, for wisdom, fortitude and many graces in their public and private lives.

Aligned with God, America will become great again.

Our Father who art in heaven . . . .
Marian Casillas, Ed.D.

Del Rio