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Thursday, January 26, 2017

January 26, 2017: Del Rio News-Herald * From Page 1A * Letter to the Editor * Pro-choice: Choose love

Letter to the Editor,

Pro-choice: Choose love

Mrs. DeLaVida and Mrs. Maten are discussing the Presidential election.

Maten: I know you’re pro-life, but I just can’t believe you voted for Trump.

DeLaVida: I voted against Hillary.

Maten: But you voted for Trump.

DeLaVida: I voted for the Republican platform and for what Trump promised concerning abortion and the pro-life issues, because I believe that voting for a pro-abortion candidate is voting for the killing of an innocent life which is intrinsically evil and my conscience would not allow me to do that.

Maten: Some people would say that Trump is intrinsically evil.

DeLaVida: Some people would say that Hillary is intrinsically evil, but both would be wrong, because people are inherently good; it is the actions that they do or fail to do that are evil.

Maten: Doesn’t that make you a one issue voter?

DeLaVida: Yes, and what better issue to be for, than to be for life; I don’t understand how anyone could be against a culture-of-life and for a culture-of-death.

Maten: It’s not that I’m against a culture-of-life and for a culture-of-death, it’s that I believe in a women’s right to choose.

DeLaVida: I also believe in a women’s right to choose, but the women’s choice has already been made and that choice has resulted in a baby whether that was the intended object of that choice or not, a baby is now growing and developing.

Maten: What if it was not the women’s choice, what about that?

DeLaVida: Of course that is wrong, but committing another wrong does not make it right. There is always the option of adoption. There are many couples who would love to adopt a baby.

Maten: Sure that sounds fine in theory, but what about real life?

DeLaVida: Let me tell you about real life. I got pregnant when I was in high school; I had my oldest daughter with my parents support. I love my daughter and I love my husband who married me and adopted my daughter. That is real life and that is real love.

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.

Del Rio