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Monday, November 7, 2016

Pro-Life Testimony given by Cami Murphy at 9:30 am and 11:30 am Masses at St.Joseph Church in Del Rio, Texas

Pro-Life Testimony for Masses 

I give thanks to God our Father, to Our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, and to the Holy Spirit our Life, for the grace to be here with you today to share with you my experience with abortion and the understanding that the Lord has given me through my experience. 

I also thank Fr. Clay for permitting me to talk with you today. 

The Lord has put in my heart a very strong desire to share this testimony with you, for the sake of the unborn babies and their mothers and fathers, and for the glory of Our Merciful God. 

First I want to say that the mainstream media give a very distorted picture of abortion. 

Those who are pro-abortion give us the message that they are the ones who are for women. 

They give us the message that sometimes abortion is the best thing for a woman, and that they have the right to make a choice about what is best for them.  

God created each of us with free will. 

But it is also true that every choice we make has either beneficial or harmful consequences. 

As a woman who had abortions as a young woman, I have learned from my personal experience that abortion kills babies, and at the very same time, it deeply wounds the mother---spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. 

It destroys the dignity of the woman, I believe, to a greater extent than any other experience in her life can destroy her dignity. 

As a child I was emotionally and sexually abused. 

As a young woman I was raped. 

But I can tell you without a doubt that the knowledge that I eventually came to, that I was responsible for the killing of my unborn babies totally stripped me of any sense of dignity as a woman. 

Even before I came to that conscious knowledge, I suffered from guilt, shame, depression, and self hatred. 

After I consciously came to that knowledge that I was guilty of the killing of my unborn babies, I grieved for them for years. 

I remember the evening that the last piece of my wall of denial fell down, I went to an isolated beach near where I lived and I cried and wailed in pain for what seemed like an hour, and the next day, when I saw the Catholic counselor I had been seeing, I couldn’t say a word. 

It was as if I was buried in grief. 

But God is infinitely merciful, and when I came to Him in the Sacrament of Confession, truly sorry for those grievous sins, I have no doubt that He completely forgave me for my sins, and that He took away those sins

Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. 

For many years since that confession I have received God’s healing through counseling, prayer, the Holy Mass, Adoration, and through group healing programs. 

I have been healed and my dignity and vocation as woman has been restored. 

If there is anyone in this church who has been wounded by the grievous sin of abortion and has not yet confessed that sin, I want to assure you that the priest is in that confessional not to condemn but to forgive, and even to heal through that forgiveness. 

Also, you need to know that there are compassionate programs that offer healing Christian counseling to those who are suffering from the wounds of abortion. 

Amistad Pregnancy Care Center, here in Del Rio, has one such program. 

Also, the Archdiocese of San Antonio has a healing ministry for women and men who have been wounded by abortion. 

St. Faustina in her Diary relates to us that Jesus said that God’s greatest attribute is mercy, but if a sinner refuses His mercy, he will have no choice but to receive His justice. 

The justice of God is a terrible thing. 

Recently the Lord has placed in my heart a very painful experience of longing and grief. 

My grief is no longer for my own babies. 

It is for the thousands of babies who are killed in their mothers’ wombs throughout the world every day. 

I believe that the longing that I have been experiencing is a sharing in the longing of Our Lord and Our Lady for the killing to stop, for the destruction of human dignity to stop. 

One essential part of choosing life for the babies, and dignity for their mothers, is to vote for pro-life candidates. 

The election in two days is critical for the lives of the babies and the dignity of their mothers. 

As Catholic Christians we are morally obligated to vote for pro-life candidates. 

It doesn’t matter if we like the candidate personally or even if we like how he speaks about other issues. 

In prayer recently Our Heavenly Father spoke to me words that I believe He wants for me to share with you today:

“How long, My people? 
How long will you continue to kill my babies…your own babies? 
How long will you tolerate this evil, doing nothing to stop it? 
How long will your hearts remain cold and hard, like corpses in a closed tomb? 
Awaken your hearts with compassion and tenderness for the babies and their mothers.” 

My brothers and sisters in Christ, I appeal to you to respond with love to Our Loving Father’s plea.