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Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 14, 2016: Del Rio News-Herald * OPINION * Letter to the Editor * Confession of a closet conservative

Letter to the Editor,

Confession of a closet conservative

Hello, my name is Bambi Doe, a pseudonym to protect my privacy. I am a recovering liberal. I was a liberal back in the days when being a liberal involved a passion for anti-poverty programs, labor unions, racial equality, anti-discrimination, and of course women’s rights. I met my husband in college; he was also a proud liberal like me. We were idealistic, in love and we were going to change the world.

But then being a liberal began to slowly shift and now it has became radically revolutionary. To be a liberal today means you have to believe unborn babies are not babies, that they are not human beings, that they are not persons. Liberals believe that God-given, divine directives mandating marriage and family life are archaically obsolete. Liberals believe that a man is a woman when he feels he’s a woman, and that a woman is a man when she feels she’s a man. Liberals believe that it’s bigotry to believe that men’s restrooms should be reserved for men and women’s restrooms should be reserved for women.

Everything for a liberal is a matter of their own subjective personal opinion; however, for them I do not have a right to my deeply held religious beliefs.
One day, it finally dawned to me; I finally saw the light, that if I was not really a liberal any longer then I concluded I must inevitably be a social and cultural conservative.

And so it happened that I am now a closet conservative. Why you may ask am I a closet conservative? Well the answer is very simple, to keep the peace in my life. Because you see my husband, my kids, my relatives, my friends, my coworkers; they are all still liberals. I don't speak up, I don't say anything, and I simply stay silent. Everyone still thinks I agree with them because I don't disagree with them. But I secretly support conservative causes and within the privacy of the secret ballot my true beliefs are manifested. 

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.

Del Rio