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Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 17, 2016: Del Rio News-Herald * OPINION * Letter to the Editor * Domestic tranquility shattered by e-Companion

Letter to the e-Edition Editor,

Domestic tranquility shattered by e-Companion

The wife sees her husband with his e-Companion and the wine glass slips out of her hand as she stands there in shock.

The red wine splatters all over the newly installed white carpet with Scotch guard so that the wine rises up into droplets as the blood coursing through her bulging veins.

She grabs her throbbing heart and her face exudes a look of terror.

She never in her wildest dreams thought that he would do this to her, she never imagined he would bring his e-Companion into their home.

He has eaten of the forbidden apple.

The look on the love of his life makes him recoil.

His wife excitedly exclaims: “You’re a traitor, that’s what you are!”

He sheepishly inquires: “What did I do now?”

His wife exasperatingly extols: “You betrayed the cause!”

He is baffled and confused: “Exactly what cause did I betray?”

His wife dramatically points to his e-Companion: “I caught you red handed, you’re reading the e-Edition of the Del Rio News-Herald!”

He is befuddled and clueless: “So?”

His wife infuriatingly intonates: “So that means you’re a Benedict Arnold! You just pretend to be all retro and anti-modern techno-science. You talk about how our city is in such dire need of a good old-fashioned bookstore and record shop and you won’t even so much as go outside into the sweltering summer sun and pick up the newspaper off the lawn. You would much rather just sit in your air-conditioned house, laying down in your comfy, cozy recliner with that e-Companion of yours reading off a screen, instead of getting ink print all over your fingers and fumbling with the long sheets of newsprint that some poor tree had to give it’s life for you to enjoy reading the local daily news.”

He realizes that he has committed the most shameful of offenses; he is enjoying reading e-Books never having to step into a bookstore, he is listening to e-Music never having to step into a record shop, he is enjoying the e-Edition of the Del Rio News-Herald without a drop of perspiration on his forehead or black ink on his fingers ever again.

If his wife thinks he’s a traitor to some imaginary cause, then so be it.

It’s his e-Companion, to have and to hold . . . . .

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.