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Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 31, 2016: Del Rio News-Herald * OPINION * Guest Editorial * My grande, not gordo, but fabuloso Mexican wedding

Letter to the Editor,

My Grande, not Gordo but, Fabuloso Mexican Wedding

Missy can sense the excitement as her family is getting ready for MarĂ­a and Mario’s wedding ceremony at Holy Family Church. 

Kitty Peaches and Puppy Pilot can also sense the excitement as they are scampering up and down the hallway. 

Dad and Junior are in the den. Mom is in Missy’s room.

Missy affectionately inquires about her mother’s wedding day. 

This is the same story that her mother has told Missy ever since Missy was old enough to ask questions.

“Well, I woke up, or rather should I say I got out of bed, because I don’t think I slept the whole night. 

I sat in my chair as I do every morning and I prayed my Rosary. 

I wasn’t really hungry but I knew I had to eat something so I wouldn’t faint. 

Everything seemed so normal and regular but I knew that that day would forever change the rest of my life. 

All morning I felt butterflies in my stomach and jittery all over, because I so wanted everything to go just right.  

Then it started to rain and I started to cry.

 Everything was ruined, or so I thought. 

My Mamita and Papito tried to console me but I could see that they were also heartbroken, but they put on a brave front for me.

Then miraculously at around one o’clock it suddenly stopped raining and the sun came out. 

I rushed outside to look up at the sky and I was greeted with a most beautiful rainbow splashed across the sky and a robin flying atop the tree branches in the front yard. 

I felt God tell me that there would be rainy days in my life, but that God would always be there for me in the sunshine and in the shadows of my life and that He would greet me in the surprising and unexpected things like rainbows and robins. 

So every time I see a rainbow or a robin I know that God is telling me that He loves me and is taking care of me, no matter what happens.

And your father and I got married and we had you and Junior and now we have Kitty Peaches and Puppy Pilot. 

The End,” her mother tenderly concludes kissing Missy on the forehead, and then commands, “Now go wash your face and brush your teeth so you can start getting dressed.”

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.