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Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 13, 2016: Del Rio News-Herald * OPINION * Letter to the Editor * Box-Office hits: Faith-based, family-friendly movies

Letter to the Editor, 

Box-Office Hits: Faith-Based, Family-Friendly Movies

You've heard of the celebrity news program "Entertainment Tonight", well this is a segment from "Entertainment for Eternity" with hosts Antonietta Brown and Henrietta Barro-Cazar discussing values-based movies again scoring big in 2015.

Antonietta: Movieguide has just released the findings of a comprehensive study of the box-office results and content of last year’s movies and found that, once again, movie-goers prefer wholesome messaging in their entertainment. Movie-goers continue to prefer movies with strong conservative values over films with more liberal themes; by a margin of more than 12 to 1!

Henrietta: Movieguide reports that of the 275 films reviewed, movies with strong pro-American, patriotic, capitalist, anti-socialist, anti-communist content and values made much more money per movie than movies with anti-American, anti-patriotic, Marxist, atheist, radical feminist, or perverse content or values reflecting a degrading, anti-human view.

Antonietta: Researchers found that movies with conservative themes made about $94 million per film compared to just $7 million for films with a liberal agenda. Movies with more conservative values not only did better in the United States they also did better overseas.

Henrietta: The study found that 60 percent of the Top 10 movies overseas in 2015 had conservative content or values. Movies with conservative values in 2015 were the most successful and it's been true ever since Movieguide began doing their research analysis of box-office results and content in 2003.

Antonietta: That’s because the vast majority of the world’s seven billion people are religious, not secular, with about 2.42 billion people responding they’re Christian, about 1.70 billion responding they’re Muslim, 984 million responding they’re Hindu, and 520 million responding they’re Buddhist. People want good to defeat evil, justice to triumph over injustice, and liberty to overpower tyranny. People respond to strong heroes and heroines.

Henrietta: And speaking of strong heroes and heroines; up next, Hollywood actors who are pro-life and pro-religious liberty.

Fade into commercial break of movie trailers for “Risen” and “The Young Messiah” playing in a movie theater near you.

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.