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Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 21, 2016: Del Rio News-Herald * OPINION * Letter to the Editor * Long-awaited Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina debate night

Letter to the Editor,

What could have been: Big debate fight night?

Carly Fiorina had previously stated, “I know that in your heart of hearts you cannot wait to see a debate between Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina”.

Unfortunately Carly Fiorina has ended her run for President.

Just imagine it could have been the greatest fight in American political and media history.

In the right-hand corner is Carly Fiorina and in the left-hand corner is Hillary Clinton.

Fiorina marches straight up to Clinton and intrudes into her private server, I mean private space.

The hawkish and formidably attired former CEO Fiorina gawks down at the dovish and diffidently dressed, frumpy former Secretary of State.

“You got a problem with me?” asks the former New York Senator. 

“As a matter of fact I do,” replies Fiorina, moving even closer into the leftist leaning Clinton’s personal space. 

“Well, if you don’t get THAT FACE out of my face, you’re going to have a big problem,” punctuates Clinton pushing her face up into Fiorina’s face. 

“Really!” flares Fiorina as she stares down at Clinton. 

“What difference does it make?” Clinton retorts.

“Liar, liar, pantsuit’s on fire!  Benghazi investigation! Private email server scandal!”

“Look who’s calling who a liar! Extreme view of pro-life rights! Exaggerating secretary to CEO story!”

At this point, Megyn Kelly, the moderator from Fox News Channel, is befuddled because for once she doesn’t know what she is supposed to say.

Finally she says, “Ladies, this sort of comportment is prohibited by the rules. Please take your hot seats.”

“Go to the back of the line!” screams Clinton.

Then both women start squirting spray cans of silly string at each other.

Clinton is older, heavier and slower.

Fiorina is younger, leaner and faster.

The former First Lady’s Secret Service contingent doesn’t interfere because they secretly just want to see their arrogant boss take a beating.

Perhaps it is a chance to unleash the pent-up stress from the frenetic frenzy of the campaign trail.

Perhaps it is the adrenaline rush realization that a long-held dream is at stake.

“Everyone expects this sort of thing from the boys, but not from the girls,” Megyn Kelly astutely observes.

No matter what the pundits say, the alpha-female who wins this fight will most certainly be the next president of the United States.

The audience is totally transformed. 

Viewers at home are transfixed.

The millions of disengaged voters who claim they are not interested, have suddenly become engaged.

And then suddenly, they both snap back to reality.  

And it’s just politics as usual.

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.