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Friday, January 22, 2016

January 22, 2016: Today's Catholic * Rural Parishes Section * Reflections on Christ the King procession, celebration in Del Rio

Photo: At Sacred Heart Church, Father Henry Clay Hunt, III pastor at St. Joseph Church and Father Carlos Oscar Velázquez Lázaro associate pastor at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, are praying the Church’s ancient traditional Vespers, alternating in English and Spanish, utilizing their modern high-tech smartphone app

Reflections on Christ the King procession

November 22 was a glorious day with the sun shining its brilliant light and offering the procession participants comforting warmth.
The faithful gathered at 2:00 pm at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and then the solemn procession proceeded to Sacred Heart Church and ended at St. Joseph Church with 5:00 pm Mass.
Olga Acosta, St. Joseph Church parishioner said that “attending the Grand Procession Christ the King was a humbling experience; in my thoughts I could see the Lord robed in his majesty and he is greater than any king on earth for he is King of Kings”. She recalled how Father Pius Ezeigbo from Sacred Heart Parish spoke whole heartedly about people being fearful to speak about God; instead he said ask God to help you overcome that fear and take control and  soon you will be able to proclaim the word of God without fear”.  She stated that these words deeply touched her and “inspired confidence in me now that so many places are not allowing God to be declared publicly”.
Dalia Rogers, parishioner from Sacred Heart Church reflected on how “good it was to see all three parishes come together with all the parishioners walking together in procession honoring Our Lord Christ the King and it was especially moving to see all the priests, deacons and altar servers join in prayer and in song.” She mentioned that what she enjoyed seeing the most was “people coming off the streets and joining the procession”.
María Rosales, parishioner from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church spoke in Spanish about the procession: “Me dio mucha alegría poder participar en la procesión de Cristo Rey porque Dios siempre me fortalece and nunca me falta nada. Tengo unos discos quebrados en la espalda y estoy muy agradecida que en la procesión  no me dolió  nada porque Dios es me luz y mi fuerza y no me canse porque íbamos rezando y dándole homenaje a Él. Lo que me dio mucha emoción fue ver los viejitos en frente del (Del Rio) Nursing Home y el padre se paró a darles le bendición con el Santísimo”.
(Translation: I was very happy to participate in the procession of Christ the King because God always gives me strength and I lack for nothing. I have some broken discs in my back and I'm very grateful that during the procession I was not in pain because God is my light and my strength and I did not get tired because we were praying and giving homage to Him. I was very emotional to see the elderly in front of the (Del Rio) Nursing Home and the priest stood to give them a blessing with the Blessed Sacrament.)