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Friday, November 13, 2015

November 13, 2015: Del Rio News-Herald * DEVOTIONAL * Christ the King procession Nov. 22

Christ the King procession Nov. 22

The priests from the three Catholic Parishes in Del Rio are inviting the community to proclaim their faith and be a public witness in honoring Our Lord Jesus Christ, as King of the Universe on Sunday, November 22.

The faithful will gather at 2:00 pm at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 509 W. Garza St. where Father Martin Alonso Bustos González is the pastor. He invites us to join him in prayerful petition that "Christ the King of the universe, unite us in love, in faith and in the same Spirit".

Then the group will proceed with the procession to Sacred Heart Church, 307 E. Losoya St. where Father Pius Ezeigbo is the pastor. He reminds everyone of the mutually shared mission and vision set forth by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of San Antonio, Texas, that we are a faith community “Encountering Christ, United as Church, Sent by the Spirit.”

Then the procession will make its way to St. Joseph Church, 510 Wernett St. where Father Henry Clay Hunt, III is the pastor. He recalls that “this event has become a beautiful tradition of the faithful in Del Rio, Texas” and extends an invitation to “come to pray, sing and honor Christ the King.”

The celebration honoring Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe will conclude at St. Joseph Church with 5:00 pm. Mass.

The procession will encompass three diverse regions of the city; Our Lady of Guadalupe Church situated in the San Felipe area, Sacred Heart Church located in downtown Del Rio, and St. Joseph in the Chihuahua section of the city.

Processing through the community with the Blessed Sacrament is a venerable Church tradition.

The procession is an outward demonstration of Catholic faith and belief in the real presence of the risen Christ, under the appearance of the Consecrated Host.

The feast of Christ the King is celebrated in the Catholic Church in honor of Jesus Christ as Lord over all creation. 

This feast was instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1925.

The word “King” is used to describe the role of Jesus because the Kingdom of God is the central teaching of Jesus throughout the Gospels.

The word “kingdom” appears more than any other word in the four Gospels.

Jesus began His public ministry by preaching the Kingdom of God, “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.” (Mark 1:15)