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Monday, September 14, 2015

Christian Counseling Information

To All Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

We were very fortunate to have Jeannette Santos as one of our speakers for our Women's Conference in February.  Many women had expressed a desire for counseling sessions with her.

She has her practice in San Antonio and belongs to a network of Catholic counselors in San Antonio.  She is a lovely woman who has been blessed with many gifts of the Holy Spirit.  She has also completed the 3 year Spiritual Direction Training at St. Peter on the Water in Boerne, Texas.  She has said she would be interested in coming to Del Rio to provide individual sessions, couple sessions and group workshops.  Father Clay has given his approval for this endeavor.

Attached is a letter we sent to the women who attended our conference.
Details are outlined as far as pricing is concerned.  We are hoping that she can come once a month and work with our community on a Saturday and Sunday if possible.  We also need input for topics for the General Workshops.

At this time she will not take insurance payments.  She is setup for insurance payments in her San Antonio practice.  However if we become another site, this could be a possibility for the future.

Please respond if you are interested so that we can plan accordingly.

Love & Light!

Margot Fernandez


Thank you for attending our Women’s Conference this past February.

Jeannette Santos was one of the speakers who spoke about “anger” during the conference. We received requests from attendees concerning counseling sessions with Jeannette.  

She said she was interested in coming to Del Rio.  

We have consulted with Father Clay about the possibility of having Jeannette come work with the women in our community.  

He has approved this endeavor.

Since then we have conversed with Jeannette about coming to Del Rio.  

At this time we would like to ask you what would best serve the women in our town.  

These are the services she can provide.  

She could either do individual/couple sessions or the general workshops monthly.

·         Individual Session:  90 minutes; Fee $75
·         Couple Session:  90 minutes; Fee $90
·         4 Hour General Workshop with Selected Topic:  Group would vary from 12 to 36 persons; $600 fee would be divided among the number of participants.  These General Workshops could be held once a month on either a Saturday or Sunday. 

At this point we would like to ask you what it is you would like for yourself. 

Should the interest be in the General Workshop we also need to give Jeannette topics for these meetings.  

Topics could be about:  “mothering” do’s and don’ts; parents dealing with children gone “wrong”; marital issues…  

Any suggestions you would provide would be great.

Be mindful that Jeannette is a Christian counselor.  

Solutions to problems will be offered as well as guidance in prayer, meditation and scripture.  

She advises as a Spiritual Director with many years of experience in counseling.  

Due to vacations and organizational issues the sessions will not be held until October.  

However we must start planning now in order to set up a schedule for the fall.

Please respond if you are interested in this service that can be provided should we have enough participants.  

Tell us if you would prefer individual/couple sessions OR the 4 hour general workshops.

Please send your responses to the following email:  

I pray that you have had a restful summer!

Love & Light!

Margot Fernandez