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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015: Del Rio News-Herald * Opinion * Letters to the Editor * Lights, camera, action

Lights, Camera, Action

Precedent has now been set for The White House to be used as an icon of celebration for any and all  particular political or even social causes or purposes, or will it discriminate against certain ones that might not be politically correct?

It has now ceased to be The People's House, and has now become one person’s, administrations’, or particular group’s house to proclaim his or their particular views on any topic of social or public policy. It has now been enlisted and used for other purposes besides the powerful and noble symbol of our country and all that it has stood for generations throughout our nation's history.

The physical structure at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave has now been denigrated and degraded to become merely a bumper sticker, banner, billboard, placard, or t-shirt; our government's equivalent of a Google doodle.

Sending subliminal messages is now what The White House has become for propagating it's ideological agenda and diminishing it's symbolism of patriotic pride and national unity.

Light up the White House in the colors of our nation's flag when we celebrate our nation's birthday on the Fourth of July, Independence Day. 

Flood it in pink hues to call us all to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Drape it in emerald green shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day.

On Easter Sunday let The White House celebrate by being wrapped in pastel colored lights.

During Lent let The White House bear the color purple for 40 days and 40 nights.

Let the festive Christmas colored lights embrace The White House throughout the joyful season.

On days of national mourning let the lights go dark to honor the fallen heroes.

On 911 let the silhouette of the Twin Towers cover The White House facade.

Let blue lights shine brightly to honor America's Law Enforcement Officers.

Let the Pro-Life baby girl pink and Pro-Life baby boy blue colors softly cradle The White House.

During Thanksgiving cover The White House in the fall foliage colors of orange, yellow and brown.

And of course on Valentine's Day lavish The White House lovingly with red hearts.

In order to balance the budget, will revenue now be sought by advertising flashing on The White House walls?

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.