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Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26, 2015: Del Rio News-Herald * Guest Editorial * Wedding cake conundrum

Letter to the Editor,

Wedding Cake Conundrum

Adam, Eve, Madam and Steve walk into Chappie’s Bakery at the same time.
Mr. Chappie: How can I help you?
Adam responds, “We would like to order a double couple wedding cake.”
Mr. Chappie: Do you mean that you want two wedding cakes, one for each couple?
Steve: No, we want one wedding cake with two couples on top of the cake. Madam and I are a couple and Adam and Eve are a couple and all four of us will be getting married.
Mr. Chappie: Sure, I can put as many couples on a wedding cake that you want. That’s no problem.
Eve: But do you believe in double couple weddings?
Mr. Chappie: Does it matter what I believe?
Madam: We think so. We want the baker who bakes our wedding cake to bake it with love and affection to celebrate our union of commitment.
Mr. Chappie: Well in that case I have to be honest. I believe only one couple should get married.
Eve: Thank you, but we will be looking for another baker who believes in double couple weddings.
Mr. Chappie: Sure, good luck.

Peta walks into Chappie’s Bakery carrying her two miniature poodles, Prince and Princess.
Mr. Chappie: Excuse me Ma’am, but health regulations forbid animals in bakeries unless they are service animals.
Peta: Prince and Princess are not just animals they are my precious children.
Mr. Chappie: Sorry Ma’am, rules are rules.
Peta storms out of the bakery.  Later in the day Peta returns to Chappie’s Bakery without her dogs.
Mr. Chappie: How can I help you?
Peta: I would like a wedding cake for my children who are getting married.
Peta shows Mr. Chappie pictures of Prince and Princess and explains, “I would like a wedding cake with their picture on the cake.”
Mr. Chappie: Oh, how cute, a doggie wedding.
Peta: Excuse me, they’re not doggies, they’re my children whom I dearly love and adore. When I die I will leave them everything I have.
Mr. Chappie: Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult them or you. Of course I can put their picture on their wedding cake.
Peta: Do you love dogs?
Mr. Chappie: Sure, I like dogs.
Peta: The baker who bakes the wedding cake for Prince and Princess has to love dogs in order for them and their creature friends to feel the love you put into making it.
Mr. Chappie: You mean animals are going to eat the cake!
Peta: Why, of course. Their parents will have salads. I say parents because I detest the word owner. No one can own an animal. How would you like me to call you the owner of your children? I’ll just find a baker who loves dogs.
Mr. Chappie: Sure, good luck.

Mr. Chappie walks in the door to his home after work.
Mrs. Chappie: How was your day, dear?
Mr. Chappie: You wouldn’t believe the people who came into the bakery today!

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.