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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Afterwords: HOLY SPIRIT

Afterwords: HOLY SPIRIT

·        Ask Jesus to renew our Baptism and Confirmation – to baptize us and confirm us in the Holy Spirit

·        Pray to the Holy Spirit for strength to rejoice, to be joyful, and to be at peace

·        Most of us have spiritual attention deficit disorder (SADD); we have trouble being still and concentrating on the voice of the Holy Spirit

·        May the strongholds of “territorialism” be completely and totally obliterated through the merits of  Jesus Christ on the Cross at Calvary and may the Holy Spirit bless us and bestow on us the gift of unity

·        May the Holy Spirit guide us to all truth

·        Humility precedes the Holy Spirit

·        Those who receive the Holy Spirit are those humble enough to ask: “What are we to do?”

·        The Holy Spirit is received by the humble and docile heart of the believer

·        May we be constantly comforted by the gift of the Holy Spirit, the fullness of God inside us

·        Let the Holy Spirit guide and inspire us

·        Humility is being open to the Holy Spirit

·        Have we treated others the way that God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit have treated us

·        The Lord is a God of order; He sends the Holy Spirit to teach us what to say, how to say it, and when to say it

·        Bring the peace of the Holy Spirit into every healing situation

·        The Father (One) + the Son (One) + the Holy Spirit (One) = One God

·        The Holy Spirit is The Breath of God that brings order out of chaos