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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26: 2015: Del Rio News-Herald * OPINION * Letter to the Editor * Advice for graduates

Letter to the Editor,

Advice for Graduates

The best advice for graduates is: Don’t follow your dreams because they can turn into your worst nightmares; instead follow your inspirations because they are always imaginative and innovative.

Dreams are ethereal; inspirations are experiential. 

Dreams are “pie in the sky”; inspirations are “sky in the pie”. 

The pie is up above the earth so high in our dreams; however, the sky is here on earth in our inspirations. 

Dreams are daunting and unattainable but inspirations are doable and achievable.

Dreams are just dreams; they will always be just dreams. 

Dreams can never become reality because dreams are dreams and reality is reality and the two shall never merge. 

Following through with inspirations moves us to a more positive, joyful and confident place because we actually accomplish something tangible. 

The magnitude of the inspirational moment is motivational.

Every inspiration is a gift, we can choose to leave it unwrapped or open it up to find a present that will lead us to a bigger, better and brighter future. 

Dreams are of the past and they will always just remain in the past; inspirations are of the present leading us to the future.

The dream is always bigger than reality, but the inspiration is always smaller than the dream, therefore it can more easily become reality.

Inspirations are sparks to invigorate us; dreams are sedatives to invalidate us. 

People are afraid to implement their dreams because of possible failure.  

Inspirations are instantaneous impulses that are not consciously related to one’s dream, but rather are unconsciously accelerating the movement towards one’s dream fulfillment but in subtle and surprising ways. 

The dream can become so big and unmanageable, that it will always only stay as a big dream and never materialize into reality. 

But an inspiration can be so small it will be so easy to follow through and implement into real life. 

Do not only entertain an inspiration but execute the inspiration immediately and big rewards are sure to follow.

Dreamers just dream and dreamers will always just dream because dreaming the dream is so beautiful but putting the dream into reality is do very difficult; whereas, those who feel inspired also feel an immediacy to put their inspiration into action. 

Intuitively responding, inspirations translate thought level to task level. 

Inspirations demand an immediate response of “yes” or “no”, whereas dreams demand nothing but further dreaming and never doing. 

Each inspiration is filled with grace and growth to lead us forward to fulfillment. 

Inspirations are intentions turned into action.

Into each inspiration immensity is tucked into smallness; into each dream grandeur explodes into the inaccessible because the dream expands far beyond the reach of reality. 

Small inspirations can lead to fruition; big dreams can lead to frustration.

Dreams should be demonized and denounced as derogatory leading us nowhere; whereas inspirations should be idealized and internalized as interrogatory leading us somewhere.

Follow your instincts, follow your intuitions, and follow your inspirations.

Graduates, may you go with God’s Grace!

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.