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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 31, 2015: Del Rio News-Herald * Letter to the Editor * Critical conversations with customers

Letter to the Editor,

Critical Conversations with Customers

Early Saturday morning Mrs. Fulano went to Sunbucks Coffee where the barista who was concocting her favorite caffeine jolt wanted to discuss race relations.

Barista: Thank you for agreeing to discuss race together.
Mrs. Fulano: Sure, I think it’s a great idea that someone is interested in talking about race relations in Del Rio.
Barista: Oh, I didn’t know we were going to talk about race relations in Del Rio. I thought we were just going to talk about race relations in a broad, conceptual, generic sort of way.
Mrs. Fulano: But I think we first need to start talking about race relations in our own community and then we can branch out to the rest of the country and then we can even go out to the whole wide world.
Barista: Well, thank you for taking your time to talk with me about this most important issue of the day.
Mrs. Fulano: Is that it?
Barista: Who’s next in line?

Then Mrs. Fulano went to Heebee Supermarket where the cashier wanted to involve her in a stimulating conversation about evolution versus creationism.

Cashier: Do you believe in evolution or creationism?
Mrs. Fulano: I believe God created everything.
Cashier: What about the Big Bang Theory?
Mrs. Fulano: The television show or the scientific hypothesis?
Cashier: That’s right, there’s a TV show called The Big Bang Theory, my kids watch it all the time and I sometimes watch it. I think it’s kind of funny.
Mrs. Fulano: But let’s get back to our thought provoking conversation.
Cashier: That’ll be $149.99.
Mrs. Fulano: Is that it, what about our conversation about evolution versus creationism?
Cashier: Thank you and have a good day!

Meanwhile Mr. Fulano took his car to Greatyear Auto Center for the yearly inspection sticker and the mechanic wanted to engage him in a dialogue about global warming.

Mechanic: Our boss wants us to talk with the customers about global warming.
Mr. Fulano: What if I don’t care about global warming?
Mechanic: The boss didn’t say that you needed to care about global warming, all he said was that we needed to bring up the subject with our customers, that’s all, don’t get all hot and bothered.
Mr. Fulano: Well I don’t believe in global warming, I think it’s all a great big sham. So there!
Mechanic: Okay man!  Cool it!

After his car successfully passed inspection Mr. Fulano went across the street to Donaldo’s Restaurant to have breakfast. 

After taking his meal order the cashier wanted to spend time conversing about public education versus school vouchers.
Mr. Fulano: No thank you, all I want is to eat my breakfast in peace.

Back home Mrs. Fulano inquires, “How was your morning?”
Mr. Fulano frustratingly exclaims, “It’s maddening out there, thank God for March Madness on the tube so I can get away from all those crazy people.”

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.