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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lunchbox story

(Email received)

I was walking through the cafeteria of one of the schools I am assigned to. 
I tested this little girl so she stopped me.  
Janeth has lost almost all hearing in both years. 
She is nine and failed 3rd grade.
Mom sent the doctor's report to the campus 3 years ago. 
Out of the blue, I got an email in October from someone I don't know telling me about her.
She was my first initial evaluation. 
Today she stopped me, I looked down  and realized how her case came my way after three years of floating around.
I want one.

Do you know how much more at risk children are in a large urban district.  
So many immigrant students from Mexico, Central and South America. 
Poverty is a terrible thing. 
Greed is a terrible thing. 
So many of these families come here and work so hard for a better and safer life for their children. 
I love these kids.  
It's  funny because my sons make fun of me that I go to work speaking English and come home speaking Spanish. 
Reading Spanish tests all day has made a difference.