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Monday, February 9, 2015

February 8, 2015: Del Rio News-Herald * Letter to the Editor * UFO (Uninhibited Furry Omnivores) sighting

Letter to the Editor, 

Op-Ed Hommage

UFO (Uninhibited Furry Omnivores) Sighting

It is midnight and Memo, the Mexican Mouse and Norton, el Ratón Norteamericano are scurrying atop Amistad Dam, when all of a sudden both of them stop dead in their tracks. 

Right before their eyes they see a luminous orb silently hovering over the water.

Memo: What is it? Is it a drone? Is it a new aircraft from the Base?

Norton: I think it’s a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)!

Memo: You mean we’re being invaded by space aliens!

Norton: I think they’ve been here before.

Memo: What do you mean?

Norton: I’ve explored the Seminole Canyon rock art; I’ve gone to the sections that the public is not allowed to enter and view. There are pictographs there that would amaze you; of spaceships and intergalactic space travelers.

Memo: Really? Why haven’t you told me?

Norton: I didn’t quite believe it myself, but now that we see this UFO, I think I believe.

Memo: I know I believe, because I’m seeing it with my own eyes.

Norton: But you know that no one else will believe us?

Memo: But if we show them the hidden Seminole Canyon rock art, then they’ll have to believe us.

Norton: Some will, but most won’t believe, they’ll find all sorts of rationalizations to try to disprove the reality that there is intelligent life in outer space and that they are visiting us.

Memo: Do you think this spacecraft will go to Seminole Canyon like the other ones that came and drew the paintings on the cave walls?

Norton: I don’t know, but it’s headed out that way.

Memo: Let’s go to Seminole Canyon and check it out.

Norton: It’ll take us forever to get there, besides the terrain is so treacherous and the wild life is so dangerous.

Memo: I guess you’re right, but can you believe we actually saw a UFO, that’s awesome!

Norton: Do you think anyone else saw it and took a picture or a video of it, now that everyone has Smartphone cameras.

Memo, pensively looking up at the heavens asks, “Do you think space aliens have souls?”

Norton: I don’t know that’s a good question?

Memo: I guess only God knows for sure.

Norton: Some people don’t think we have souls.

Memo: I sometimes think that humans don’t really have a heart and soul because they don’t always act like it.

Norton philosophically states, “In the finale of our life’s journey, we will ultimately only be judged by the beauty of the love in our heart and the brilliance of the light in our soul.”

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.