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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Afterwords: Twenty (20) Truths

1.  Thank God for teaching us His Truth

2.  The cost of traveling light and not carrying any baggage is to never allow ourselves to waver from the Truth of God

3.  The Truth is in the tragedy and in the triumph

4.  Stop believing lies, start believing The Truth of God

5.  It’s time we got back in touch with the truth about the real relationship between giving and receiving

6.  May our message and our mission be intricately wrapped with integrity, gentleness and truth

7.  Truth: God is Love

8.  We need to be Christians who are not ashamed of the Gospel, who have the courage to speak the truth in love, who witness for Christ, who have stopped worrying about being popular; because now is not the time for being fearful and selfish – now is the time for fearlessness and selflessness

9.  We must be a Christian who cares enough to lovingly speak the truth in love

10. Trust in the Truth that transforms

11. During turbulent, troubling, terrifying times; trust in the transforming truth of the Trinity

12. Invest more time in individuals who exhibit a greater desire to know the truth, operate in those truths and wish to influence and persuade others with that truth

13.  Many people are sincerely searching for the ultimate meaning and definitive truth of their lives and of the world

14.  The Spirit is Truth, and the Church is the pillar and bulwark of truth

15.  Boldly declare the Truths of God without apology or apprehension

16.  Arrogance and aggression are a pack of lies masquerading as truth

17.  Only God speaks Truth when everyone else may be speaking lies

18. We must be open to the truth that we all tend to criticize in others what we are most insecure about in ourselves

19. Don’t Talk Trash, instead Talk Truth

20. Say NO to trash talk, say YES to TRUTH TALK