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Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 7, 2014: Del Rio News-Herald * Letter to the Editor * A Simple Story

Letter to the Editor,

Cathi, a Catholic and Evan an Evangelical are college students attending Southern Desert State University (SDSU). 

They are taking several college classes together, among them is a science class taught by Professor Sago. 

Professor Sago proudly claims to be a professed atheist. 

He mocks religion in all his science classes because he teaches that science is sensible and religion is ridiculous. 

Former students of Professor Sago started referring to him behind his back of course, because they were afraid of him and they needed to pass his class in order to graduate, as The Pagan Professor. 

The name stuck and generations of students later still refer to him by that moniker.

He loves science and hates religion. 

He doesn’t believe in anything except in what his beloved science textbooks and journals say about science. 

When he isn’t teaching hatred of religion, I mean, when he isn’t teaching science; he sits by himself in the corner table of the college cafeteria drinking coffee, no cream and no sugar, with his head buried in the latest scientific journal filled with the latest stupendous, scientific discoveries of the marvels and mysteries of the physical and natural world.

As a young man, he was considered a brilliant intellectual; but as he grew older he become less brilliant and more bitter, less intellectual and more intolerant of religion.  

He believes in tolerance and moral relativism, yet the only thing he is intolerant of is religion. 

He spouts scientific facts that amaze and dazzle his captive audience of students fresh out of high school, who are mesmerized by his knowledge of science.

Cathi and Evan, who are deeply religious and have been homeschooled, aren’t the least impressed with Professor Sago, and they are the only ones in class who are confident, courageous and committed to their faith, that they openly challenge Professor Sago point by point. 

Professor Sago is stunned because he has never even once been challenged by any of his former students. 

They have all meekly sat there silently listening to Professor Sago spout off pompously and sanctimoniously against religion.

Well, how does this story end you may be asking? 

Well, this story still has not ended. 

Professor Sago is still a tenured professor at SDSU. 

Cathi and Evan still continue with their studies at SDSU but have vowed to one day become science professors. 

Be on the lookout for the ongoing journey of Cathi and Evan, as they traverse the higher echelons of the educational system. 

Will Cathi and Evan make the Dean’s List? 

Will Professor Sago convert to Christianity? 

Will Cathi and Evan get married? 

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.