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Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 20, 2014: Del Rio News-Herald * Letter to the Editor * A Thanksgiving Tall Tale

Letter to the Editor,
Mr. Hanks is a conservative and Mr. Givin is a liberal. 
They live in the small border town of Riverville, Texas. 
They live across the street from each other; Mr. Hanks on the South side of the street and Mr. Givin on the North side of the street. 
They are neighbors but they are not the least bit neighborly. 
Elections are the worst time of the year for the neighborhood. 
Their front lawns are strewn with a conglomeration of campaign signs. 
Mr. Hanks has all the Republican candidates’ signs and Mr. Givin has all the Democratic candidates’ signs. 
As you would expect their cars are also covered with the candidates’ stickers. 
Mr. Hanks drives a large, red SUV and Mr. Givin drives a small, blue hybrid. 
As soon as Mr. Hanks gets home from work he sits down to watch FOX NEWS until it’s time to go to bed. 
As soon as Mr. Givin gets home from work he sits down to watch MSNBC until it’s time to go to bed.
Mr. Hanks has a beautiful daughter named Reagan and Mr. Givin has a handsome son named Kennedy. 
And as it so happens in life, Reagan Hanks and Kennedy Givin fell in love and got married in a June wedding. 
Mr. Hanks told his daughter, “Why couldn’t you have married a nice conservative Republican young man?” 
Mr. Givin told his son, “Why couldn’t you have married a nice liberal Democratic young woman?”
This is the first year that both families will be celebrating THANKSGIVING Day together. 
THANKSGIVING Lunch will be at the Hanks residence and THANKSGIVING Dinner will be at the Givin residence. 
Politics is usually a topic not discussed by most people in polite company; but in this particular family it is strictly forbidden with the consequence of being eschewed and ostracized forever. 
Mr. Hanks and Mr. Givin both love their families and now they also want to enjoy their new extended family, because they are thinking that they can hopefully influence their grandchildren.
Mr. Hanks and Mr. Givin weren’t even allowed to watch the THANKSGIVING Day football game because the Washington Redskins, as Mr. Hanks calls them, or the Washington Skins, as Mr. Givin calls them, were playing; and the family knew the problems that would cause. 
They sat on opposite ends of the table; Mr. Hanks had the turkey right wing and Mr. Givin had the turkey left wing.
I am happy to report that so far, so good, the Hanks - Givin families survived their first THANKSGIVING Day together. 
Let’s see how they do with CHRISTMAS Lunch and CHRISTMAS Dinner. 
Politics aside, 
Marian Casillas, Ed.D.