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Friday, October 24, 2014

Stop Planned Parenthood mega-abortion center under construction in San Antonio, Texas

(Email received)

Greetings Pro-Lifers!

On Feb. 1st, 2014, Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans, stated the following..."There is no justification, including economic hardship that will make a direct or indirect relationship with Planned Parenthood or any abortion provider, acceptable...
All citizens of the New Orleans area must stand together for a peaceful community, not one with more abortion and more Planned Parenthood." 
Since late June 2014, construction has stopped at a planned abortion center in New Orleans.  Praise God! 

Now, in city of St. Anthony, news broke of the planned location of new mega-abortion mill planning to kill over 200+ babies a month...In the heart of the medical center at 2140 Babcock.

Further sickening is the sheer number of abortion rooms in this center, released by Created Equal and Jill Stanek this week...

Now, here's how YOU can help...
2. ACT

1 - PRAY.  
The Holy Trinity and Our Mother Mary have successfully led us in several boycotts....
Let us pray for sick and handicapped babies who are at risk of being aborted. 
Our Father who art in heaven... 
Let us pray for those who assist pregnant women and girls in their time of fear and loneliness. Hail Mary,  full of Grace…

2 - ACT. 
Many Pro-life people are unaware of the impact that boycotts can have. Your efforts do have an impact. 

From: Vicki Saporta, President and CEO of the National Abortion Federation:  
“Boycotts and harassment tactics have an impact, even if it’s not the impact the anti's would like. 
These actions don’t close clinics or stop new ones from being built, but they can still be very disruptive. 
This undoubtedly explains why they’re increasingly being used.  
The boycott did not stop Planned Parenthood in  Austin from being erected but it delayed it.  
It made it more difficult and expensive for the clinic to be built.”

Ms. Saporta is right! 
Our goal is to stop it, slow it down and make it more expensive.
Below are those who may or may not be aware they are constructing a killing center...
We ask you to be polite, charitable and persistent in calling, emailing and meeting with the contractors as soon as possible. 
Unfortunately, this center may finish in one month...

Below is a draft letter/script to contractors. 

General Contractor – Lou Jon Construction - Cell: 210-410-6884 

Electrical Contractors - Bo Cappadonna - (210) 696-4040

Mechanical Contractor – Team Mechanical of Texas - (830) 865-5103 Owners: 

Mitchell Patterson 

Chris Humphries -

Drywall Contractor – Mesquite Interiors - Gary Wilhelm, Owner (210) 341-3412

Bexar Waste - Henry Gutierrez, Owner 210-566-5454 

Roofing Contractor - Empire Roofing Owners: Ronnie and Sandra McGlothlin - (817) 572-2250 

Plumbing- Barry Lindig Plumbing 830-438-3207/210-490-6404

Fire and Safety - Enterprise fire and safety 830-387-4626

Acoustical and Drywall Supply - Hart acoustical and drywall supply 210-304-2400 Greg – owner, Christian

Painting - FA McComas Painting Michael McComas Part owner (210) 656-4456

San Antonio Water Systems(SAWS) 210-233-3066


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Twitter: @BloodMoneySA, 

God Bless, 
Eli Danze
STOP Abortion Coalition

"Dear San Antonio Area Contractor/Supplier,

It has recently come to our attention that Planned Parenthood is attempting to build a new child killing facility in San Antonio. This facility will do tremendous harm to families in our community - women and children in particular.

Planned Parenthood is depending on reputable companies like yours to assist them in this attempt. Numerous community and business leaders and concerned citizens are resisting this attempt by Planned Parenthood to expand child killing activities in San Antonio. Please join us by refusing to participate in this construction project.

We are joined by many churches and church building committees in alerting contractors and suppliers to avoid this project.

We pray that you will assist us in defending our community.