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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Lord Shows His Presence During Mass

(Email received)
Hi Everyone; 
The following website displays our Lord's presence during Holy Mass locally – St Monica’s Catholic Church, Converse, TX. 


In this remarkable video The Lord revealed His presence during the Consecration in a Mass conducted at St. Monica's Catholic Church in Converse, TX. 
Padre Martín Scott was the presiding priest, and a member of our volunteer staff, Bobby Contreras, was filming the Mass on his mini-IPAD.
As Padre Martín raised the host, a bright light suddenly appeared in the video. 
The church lights did not change at all, which is plainly evident if you look at the unaltered pew shadows on the floor. 
Bobby, thinking something had gone wrong with the camera, attempted to reset the auto-focus several times by tapping on the IPAD screen. 
The bright light remained throughout the Consecration until the first response of the Mystery of Faith was completed. 
Then just as it suddenly appeared, it went away. 
We had no earthly explanation for the phenomena, and the timing makes it all the more real.
In agreeing to share this, Padre Martín would like to emphasize that the video reinforces our own belief in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. 
He believes the video is God's gift to His people, and we are humbled and grateful that He chose our event in San Antonio for this astonishing revelation.
Please email for more information aboutPadre Martín Scott and his ministry.