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St. Andrew Christmas Novena

St. Andrew Novena

St. Andrew Novena


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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Spread the Word: Tune-in to EWTN!

Looking for more ways to help people hear the Good News through EWTN? EWTN Radio has exclusive radio shows you can't see on TV, and  that's why it's more important than ever to let people know that you can listen to EWTN Everywhere you go! Here are some of the EWTN Radio features we'd like you to share:
Look Who's Talking Now!  EWTN Radio Programs: Whether you're looking for the quiet of "Daily Mass", help with family issues "The Doctor Is In", or simply "Catholic Answers Live," the EWTN Radio Program Schedule is your go-to guide so you never have to miss another one of your favorite programs again.  Spanish program schedules can also be found here as well!

Around the Dial, Around the Country! EWTN AM/FM Stations:  Our local station affiliates can be heard around the country, and all their frequencies can be found here - don't forget to take a copy with you if you're traveling across state borders this summer!  

Listen to EWTN on Radio Stations when traveling out-of-town:

91.5 FM - San Angelo/Eden

89.7 FM - San Antonio

1400 AM - Uvalde

SIRIUS-ly Catholic Programs! EWTN on SIRIUS XM:  No need to channel surf for Catholic radio waves--Channel 130 is EWTN's home on Sirius XM no matter where you are. Visit for a complete list of shows and air times.

No Radio, No Problem! EWTN App Can't find a radio? There's an app for that!  Computers and mobile devices can now receive EWTN radio programs via our FREE Multimedia App! This mobile app is now available for Kindle Fire, Apple and Android products.  You can also listen to EWTN Radio through iHeart Radio online or through their app.

 Don't forget, your shows are also available to listen to 'on the go' through EWTN Podcasts! Have a favorite past "Journey Home" story you want to hear again? Looking for today's homily by the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word? Missed last night's "EWTN Live" guest, and have no time to watch it?  EWTN offers FREE MP3s of some of your favorite EWTN programs that are available for your listening pleasure when YOU want them! Subscribe to your favorites today!

And with that, this week's EWTN Media Missionary email is signing off! As always, thank you for your continued prayers and support as we continue EWTN's mission to spread God's Word through all forms of media! 

Yours in Christ,
Emily M. Lunsford
EWTN Media Missionaries