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LOM 70


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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Afterthoughts: Ten (10) HUMAN points of light

Afterthoughts: Ten (10) HUMAN points of light

·         Human life is a beautiful choice

·         We are not a human being having a spirit experience, but rather, we are a spirit being having a human experience

·         We must discipline ourselves to be a human “being” instead of a human “doing” in the midst of it all

·         As human beings we are relational; connections and relationships with people are a priority for us

·         Human rights include religious rights; we must engage the culture through evangelization

·         The church is made up of men and women, all of whom are human with human faults, we have to recognize that; but it is also the Body of Christ, the vehicle of salvation founded by Jesus Christ

·         We are made for greatness in Christ, shining forth the resiliency of the human spirit and the beauties of our faith, hope and love

·         See with the eyes of hope that each new human life is God’s investment of hope in the world

·         Be part of a worldwide movement that is changing the course of human history for the respect and reverence of ALL human life from conception to natural death

·         When we are with God, truly imbued with his Spirit, having given our human will to the divine will of He who animates us all; we know how it is when we are filled with the Spirit; we seem to be in regular life but at the same time just outside or beyond it; it feels in a way as if we are floating above the world, even while we feel as grounded in the world as ever