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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Afterwords: Twenty (20) Jewels of Joy

Afterwords: Twenty (20) Jewels of Joy                                                        

1.      When we forget about ourselves we are amazed at the freedom and joy we experience

2.      There is a need for stronger ecclesial commitment to a new evangelization in order to rediscover the joy of believing and the enthusiasm for communicating the faith

3.      Faith grows when it is lived as an experience of love received and when it is communicated as an experience of grace and joy

4.      Fear of the Lord is glory and splendor, gladness and a festive crown; fear of the Lord warms the heart, giving gladness and joy and length of days to our life

5.      We are called to live in the fear of the Lord and make steady progress in the fear of the Lord; if we do, our reward will not be lost; we will receive lasting joy and mercy

6.      We can communicate joy and love only if we possess it, only if we are possessed by it

7.      Convert our frowns into smiles of joy

8.      May we seek the Holy Spirit who will lead us to that moment of discovery that will open the door to the sacred and will fill our heart with overflowing joy

9.      Develop a life of spiritual and emotional joy

10.  Jesus is the joy of our journey

11.  Rejoicing is spiritual joy knowing that we are loved by God

12.  Joy in the Journey

13.  May our love expressed in obedience result in supernatural joy

14.  Let us pray a prayer of hope – joy – remembrance

15.  Regardless of when and how God works, whether He answers our prayers in the way we want him to or we have to wait a long time for the answer, whether we experience an unsettling turn of events or jump for joy when our heart’s desire is fulfilled, we have much to thank God for

16.  May we be reminded to daily conversion to grow in the love of Jesus, to build the kingdom of God, and to take joy in the promise of eternal life

17.  Journey with Jesus in joy

18.  The twofold aspect of faith: first, it is personal and brings with it the necessary joy and strength for the journey; and second, it is also for the benefit of others on their journeys

19.   To trust God is the greatest joy and hope that we have

20.  Optimistic people call us to joy