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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thank you for supporting the movie "Son of God" at Cinemark 8 in Del Rio, Texas

Thank you to all in the Del Rio community for their support of the “Son of God” movie at Cinemark 8 in Del Rio, Texas

Please contact Cinemark 8 in Del Rio, Texas by mail, phone, fax or email:

Mail: 2205 Veterans Blvd., Del Rio, TX 78840
Phone: 830-775-8120      
Fax: 830-775-8902
Express your appreciation that Cinemark 8 in Del Rio, Texas showed the movie “Son of God” and also the Spanish dubbed version.
Inform them that you, your family and friends will continue to go to the movies and support faith and family friendly movies.
The light shines in the darkness and the Light of the Son of God shined beautifully, brightly and brilliantly; not only in the darkness of the movie theatre but more importantly in the darkness of our world.
We pray that the movie “Son of God” will continue to transmit its cinematic charism for the greater glory of God, through the inspirational sights and sounds of the movie to truly touch the hearts, minds and souls of people everywhere with the grace of God.