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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Testimonial "Called to Lead a Bible Study Group"

Thank you so much for sending me the information again regarding the movie "Son of God". 

I'm really looking forward to seeing it.  

You asked me to email you about my bible class. 

I had taken 5 classes with the Hermanitas, when they were at St. Joseph's Parish, and I had really enjoyed them. 

During the last class, all I did was present lessons, while they listened and afterwards made suggestions, kind of like being observed in the classroom, so it didn't really bother me.  

Anyway, as I talked to one of my sisters in law, she made a comment that she had never really read the bible, and would like to be able read and understand it, and that HER sister in law felt the same way ,and I felt that God was asking me to do something with what I had learned, so as a result, we meet at her house every Friday, from 10 to 11:30. 

The first day I was a little nervous, but trusting in God, I knelt and asked the Holy Spirit to speak through me, so that I would be able to teach these ladies what has been burning in my soul since He called out my name. 

This past Friday we studied King Solomon, and I look forward to next Friday, when we shall study the Prophets, especially Isaiah, who is my personal favorite. 

Anyway, it's not much, but I feel that if the subject was brought to my attention it was Jesus telling me what He wants me to do, and who am I to question it????? 

Have a blessed week! 

See you in church next week, God willing.