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Thursday, August 23, 2012


(Received in email)


As I return to the classroom, my biggest is concern is can I do this and that I need to buy story books to read to the students and to put books in their hands.

I talked to God and told him I could never buy the number of books I need within the next two years.

Well, at this campus, whatever staff members don't want or need they put in a designated area to trade, swap or give away.

This afternoon, God put 6 laundry baskets filled with paper back books in the swap area!

Needless to say, I dragged all 6 baskets into my room:-)

God is great and he thumped me on the head again today with the gift of books and stories to read to his children.

I had to share.

It took my breathe away figuratively and physically dragging them:-)

Many Blessings!