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Friday, August 17, 2012


Dear EWTN Media Missionary,

This fall, EWTN is proud to unveil a host of new and exciting series. Don't forget to program your DVR or VCR so that you can preview the shows and find your new favorites.

The exciting new series include:
  • The Catholic View for Women - Teresa Tomeo, Janet Morana, and Astrid Bennett Gutierrez host an engaging and informative series just for women, to help them live out their faith in every sort of circumstance.
  • Authentically Free at Last - Gloria Purvis, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, and Damon Owens examine important issues in today's society that affect our Catholic faith, such as marriage, abortion, contraception, and the forming of a good conscience.
  • Portraits in Faith - Barbara McGuigan and her guests discuss the strength that Faith gives them to walk through shadows into light, to embrace the meaning and redemptive value of suffering, and to defend the fatherless, the widow, and the friendless.
  • Web of Faith 2.0 - Fr. John Trigilio and Fr. Ken Brighenti utilize top Internet resources to field questions about the Faith.
Other new series include The Fourth Rupture: A Path to Reconciliation; Marriage Works in Christ: Enriching Your Marriage; and Miracles from Mark.

We encourage you to raise awareness of these new series. Each show offers a new opportunity to learn more about and to enrich your Catholic faith. For more information, go to

Thank you for graciously offering your time and energy as Media Missionaries in order to help God's Network flourish in your parish and community.
Yours in Christ Jesus,

Gus Federle
Manager of Volunteer Support
EWTN Media Missionaries
(205) 795-5771