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LOM 70

LOM 70


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Monday, July 9, 2012

Afterwords: Sometimes seven (7) statements are sufficient

1.     Sometimes tiny glimmers of faith, hope and love suddenly appear out of nowhere

2.     In our rush to do something we sometimes rush past the people we’re supposed to be doing something for

3.     We all suffer in this life; sometimes because of our own actions and sometimes because of the actions of others

4.     Sometimes saying “no” takes more courage than saying “yes”; and other times saying “yes” takes more courage than saying “no”

5.     Sometimes we live “Nowhere” and sometimes we live “Somewhere”. “Nowhere” is everything this is NOT a part of God’s Plan for us and “Somewhere” is everything that IS a part of God’s Plan for us

6.     Sometimes a single sentence says it all

7.     It’s like with rice; if we keep taking the lid off the pot and stirring the rice around, we are guaranteed to ruin it - sometimes we just have to let things sit