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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Afterwords: A Dozen Do not’s


1.      Do not point-out shortcomings; instead point-out something that has been overcome and conquered 


2.      Do not point-out when we miss the mark; instead point-out when we make the mark remarkable 


3.      Do not burden people rather unburden them 


4.      Do not allow seemingly important things to take the place of the truly important things in life 


5.      Do not allow praise and positive words, meant to uplift; instead lead to pride that down casts 


6.      Do not respond out of the natural; instead rely on the supernatural 


7.      Do not be afraid, nothing can deter us from carrying out our God-given mission 


8.      Do not worship creation as god but worship the God of creation 


9.       Do not be paralyzed by fear, rather be propelled by faith


10.   Do not wait until there is a storm to build an ark 


11.   Do not focus on the gifts; instead focus on the Giver of the Gifts 


12.   Do not think we need to be holy to pray, we need to pray to be holy