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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Emails promoting movie "For Greater Glory"

(Emails received from Carmen Gutierrez)

Dear Archbishop Garcia-Siller - please add DEL RIO to the cities showing the movie FOR GREATER GLORY. It starts showing in Del Rio on Friday June 15. We invite all our neighboring communities - Rocksprings, Brackettville, Uvalde, Eagle Pass (Archdiocese of Laredo), Crystal City, etc. to join us in support of promoting an awareness of religious freedom.
We would also sincerely appreciate if you would allow all parishes in the archdiocese to post in their church bulletins.

God continue to bless you and guide you in your ministry.

Please make plans to attend the showing of this movie AND help us promote this movie by telling all your friends and family to go see it- -it starts showing on Friday June 15. If you have friends or family in Uvalde, Sonora, Eagle Pass, or anywhere near, invite them to come see the movie in Del Rio! See showtimes listed below.

This inspiring movie is about religious freedom - and how the "government" can set mandates restricting or even taking away our rights! Religious Freedom affects everyone - - the freedom to worship is not limited to Catholics. This movie should appeal to everyone.

Also, this movie was not on the schedule for a showing in Del Rio. Thanks to God for opening the doors of opportunity, the Legion of Mary and with support of the Knights of Columbus, we have the priviledge of seeing this movie. So we really need everyone to come together and help SELL OUT all the showings.

May the Lord bless us and keep us from all harm; and may he lead us to eternal life. AMEN.

Viva Cristo Rey!