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LOM 70


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Afterwords: A ten (10) statement work-out

1.       Work out what was and is, to what will be



2.       Our greatest work is where we find our greatest rewards and satisfaction



3.       Walk and work assertively, boldly and confidently by faith, hope and love



4.       We only have so much working memory, choose to work in the present for the fulfillment of the future



5.       Once we release the situation or person or burden to God, letting go and taking our hands off the problem then God can really get going. He can intervene, change hearts, including our own, and work things out according to His Plan when we stop trying to engineer things ourselves and start trusting Him fully



6.       When we work there’s no time to worry



7.       God’s best work is backstage and behind the scenes



8.       Prayer is our work; God’s response is His Work



9.       Prayer is the greatest, most valuable work we can do with our time



10.   Experience the wonderful world of doing God’s Work