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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Viva Cristo Rey!

Tickets will be available THIS FRIDAY for the epic true story of Mexico's Cristero War, which rocked 1920s North America. FOR GREATER GLORY opens June 1st, 2012 but there's no need to wait to find your location for opening weekend. Click here to find a theater near you, and to order tickets online through Fandango, MovieFone or when show times are posted.

FOR GREATER GLORY continues to earn significant attention from America's largest media outlets. Actor Eduardo Verástegui, who plays Blessed Anacleto Gonzalez Flores in the film, appeared yesterday on The Today Show. Click here to watch!

Last Thursday night, Sean Hannity interviewed Academy Award® nominee Andy Garcia, who plays Gen. Enrique Gorostieta in FOR GREATER GLORY. Click here to watch!

Read more about the Cristero War and its martyrs in the May issue of the Columbia magazine (The Online Edition) from the Knights of Columbus.         

Get the Official Companion Book! Ignatius Press is publishing For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada, and this fascinating book will be available in English and Spanish editions! Written by noted Cristero War historian and expert Ruben Quezada, the book provides fascinating historical details about this fight for religious liberty that claimed thousands of martyrs. Click here for information on the English edition. Click here for information on the Spanish edition. What will YOU do FOR GREATER GLORY? There are a number of ways you can support the film now — and throughout opening weekend and beyond (i.e., Facebook, twitter, download free tool kit, download and post a banner and/or download and use the social media graphics!).

Below are just two of the recent stories highlighting For Greater Glory. Click on the links below to read each article.
National Catholic Register
Actor Andy Garcia Fights for Religious Freedom in 'For Greater Glory.' The true story of the Cristero Army's epic battle against the Mexican government's persecution of Catholics is a timely tale.
Hollywood Reporter Story
EXCLUSIVE: Mexican War Drama 'Cristiada' Picked Up For U.S. Distribution by ARC Entertainment. The English-language film stars Andy Garcia alongside Eva Longoria.
The film opens June 1st, 2012 across the country, and we would very much appreciate you helping us promote this epic piece of cinema.

For Christ's Sake,
The Personhood USA Team