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Saturday, April 21, 2012

(Received in email)

Hello Media Missionaries,

I was standing in line at one of the parishes in my area after the Divine Mercy Mass and I could not help but over hear the conversation behind me. Several women were talking about the programs on EWTN and how much they “love EWTN”. I was beaming like a proud momma! This just goes to prove that your efforts are not in vain but in a quiet way, very productive to your parishioners. Plant the seeds and they will grow.

These are two photos of some members of our San Antonio Media Missionary family that are doing a wonderful job in displaying their EWTN materials in their church foyers. If you would like to share a photo of your material display, please send your photos to me at I would love to share your ideas with other media missionaries in our area.

Please encourage your parishioners, your parish secretary and priest to sign up for EWTN’s weekly E-newsletter at for notices via email on upcoming programs and specials. It is a great reminder of upcoming shows for your EWTN fans.

Please keep the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word in your thoughts and prayers as they celebrate their 25thanniversary on May 2nd. And also prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude for the May 20th anniversary of Mother Angelica’s order, Our Lady of the Angels Monastery. Here is a quote from Fr. Mary Wolf who is the Chaplain of the Eternal Word Television Network. “I often speak of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery (now in Hanceville) as the “heart” and the Eternal Word Television Network (now in its 31st year in Irondale) as the“voice”. Both are necessary for effective evangelization. The “heart” prepares the soil of people’s hearts to receive the seed that is cast upon it by the“voice”.

Thank you for all you do as the “voice” for EWTN,

Debbie Felder

Media Missionaries San Antonio Area Co-Coordinators

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