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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A God Moment: Sharing Acts of Kindness

(Received in email)

I went to Mass at 3 and it was beautiful. The priests prostrated themselves at the altar and everyone took off their shoes to venerate the cross. But, the most beautiful thing is that when I arrived in the parking lot, someone cut me off and I had to go a little further to park. No cursing, just a parking spot further away. When I was walking on the sidewalk I came upon a woman walking slowly so I stayed behind her because we had to cross a street and I worried about her coming down and back up on the curb. As we came up the curb, I said hello to her and when she turned to greet me, it was the same woman from last week that I shared my palm with. She said her name was Mary and that she thought about me all day because of the act of kindness I gave her in sharing my palm. That was a true God moment. Her name was Mary :-)
God bless you!