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LOM 70


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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Afterwords: Thirteen (13) Truths to Tell

1)     God’s Truth is truly terrific.
2)     Embrace and comprehend Truth and everything changes totally.
3)     God’s Great Truth sustains us, protects us, nourishes us and brings us to our knees as we are suddenly aware that we are literally nothing without completely placing our life and future in the nail scarred hands of Christ.
4)     The truth that can make us free is found only in Christ.
5)     The truth of Christ is within us.

6)     Know the Truth that will set us spiritually free.

7)     Think truthful thoughts in times of transitions and troubles.
8)     Embody truth in our lives.

9)     Truth is always right and lies are always wrong; no matter the size and no matter the color.

10) Truth is forever. Lies are for never.

11) Truth walks straight, lies limp crookedly.

12) May we have people in our life who speak truth into our life and hold us accountable for personal growth and maturity.

13) Truth is the way to spiritual fulfillment and today is the time to stop lying and start telling the truth to ourselves and others.