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Saturday, October 1, 2011

40 Days for Life in Armarillo, Texas


KFDA-TV, the local CBS affiliate, covered the 40 Days
for Life kickoff in Amarillo -- and gave a very
accurate description of the typical vigil: "There was
no yelling, no protesting and no arguing, just a
peaceful gathering of those fighting to end abortion."

Local coordinator Stephanie Frausto noted that
abortions are not performed at the facility where the
vigil is held, but it's often the first stop for
abortion-minded women.

"So we are always here," she said.

The reporter also noted, "While they prayed and sang
songs, several also shared their testimonies, because
they're not just pushing to end abortion, but to also
heal those who have had one."

To see the video from KFDA-TV, please go to: