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Legion de Maria

Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary


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Monday, September 26, 2011

Reflection of Father Moreno's Homily: September 25, 2011

Put on the attitude of Christ.
Dress yourself in Christ.

Who are you?
You are who you are by the clothes you wear.

Dress in Christ, dress like Christ.
How you dress says, “This is what I am”.

Dress so that others may see the modesty and elegance of Jesus Christ in my dress and in my person.

We attract people or repel them by the way we dress.
We must empty ourselves of our egos, our pride, our desire to point to others, our desire to measure and judge others differently then we measure and judge ourselves.

We should dress with humility.                   
We must become better humans.

Jesus respected and loved women; he did not use or abuse women.
We relate to the world by how we dress.

Lord, teach me to be a light to the world and salt of the earth. Teach me to reflect Your Love to the world.
In order to dress ourselves with Christ we must ask the Holy Spirit to guide us.

We must be of service to others, we must help others, we must reach out to others, especially those who are rejected.
We must be people of compassion.

We must be aware of the messages the world is giving us and the messages that we are giving to the world.
We must be the image and likeness of God.

Father Moreno asked us to look at the stained glass windows around the church.
We must be an image of the splendor of the light of Jesus coming through the stain glass windows of our life to reflect the light of God.

Three (3) Announcements after Mass:

1) The Parish Jamaica will be Sunday, October 2.

2) Father Moreno will be gone during the month of October. He will be meeting with the Archbishop and he will be doing some pastoral work. He will be here for the installation of the new priest at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. He asked us to pray for the decision of the Archbishop for Father Moreno to stay in Del Rio. During the last week of October he will be going home to take care of the affairs of his deceased mother and siblings.

Since he will be gone the month of October there will be no Bible classes during the month of October.

3) At the end of November there will be an Advent Legion of Mary program. Further details to follow.