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LOM 70

LOM 70


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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Afterwords: Four Things

God commands four (4) things:
1)                  Flee
2)                  Find
3)                  Fight
4)                  Forgive
FLEE - We don't flee the Lord. We love Him. We don't flee the devil. We attack him, and he flees from us. However, we do flee "all this". We flee the love of money, wanting to be rich, discontent, false teaching, bickering, and injustice. We must flee a secularized, self-centered, pleasure-seeking lifestyle.
FIND – We must find the pearl of great price who is Jesus Christ. When we find Him we will have found the way, the truth and the life. When we find Him then we must help others find Him also.
FIGHT - We must fight the evil one.  We must fight the good fight of faith. We must fight our most formidable foes which are our most frightening fears. We must fight and never grow weary because we have faith that our fight has already been won by Christ and we are the victorious ones.
FORGIVE – We must forgive. We must forgive God, forgive ourselves and forgive others. We must forgive as God forgives us. We must forgive in order to forge forward faithfully and fearlessly.