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Monday, August 22, 2011

Back To School Prayer

Lord, we pray that you be with every child that is returning back to school this year. Protect them as they travel by car or walk to school. Keep them safe from dangers seen and unseen.
Give our children favor with their teachers and help them to pay attention in class. Let this be their best year yet for academics, sports, fine arts and their spiritual growth.
Be with our children’s teachers this year. Help them to teach in ways that each student can understand. Let them have reasonable expectations of our children and give them patience whenever their patience meter is running low. Bless the teachers with administrative support whenever needed.
Help our children to stand against peer pressure. Empower them to make decisions that will be pleasing in your sight. Surround them with good friends that are positive influences. Help them to work out their problems instead of fighting with each other.
And finally Lord, help us as parents to be even more supportive of our children this year. Strengthen our discernment. Let us know when something is going on with our children. Help us to keep them on track with their homework and study time. Help us to show our children what it means to be members of a parish community as we pray for one another and are of service to one another.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, your son,