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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Afterwords: Thirty-three (33) Comments about Christ, one for each year of His Life on earth

1.      Let us be ambassadors for Christ.

2.      Construct an interior cloister to contemplate Christ.

3.      Continual conversations with Christ for advice, confirmation, direction, guidance, help.

4.      Continually conversing with Christ in the house, car, office, stores; everywhere we are there is Christ also.

5.      Divine Dining: Set a place for Christ at the table, invite Him to dine with you and

6.      No more being bombarded with bad news, instead now being bathed with the beautiful Good News of Jesus Christ.

7.      Called by Christ to sanctify and transform the world.

8.      When trouble and tough times come, refuse to cringe and cower; instead cover the troubles and the tough times with the Blood of Christ.

9.      Broken by crisis – Inspired to courage by Christ.

10.  Every interaction is an opportunity to be Christ to others.

11.  Communion with Christ is the greatest privilege of a lifetime.

12.  The next time we approach Communion let us approach with reverence and rejoicing as we enter into the most profound, privileged and personal relationship with Christ and with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

13.  The reality of the divine dimension we cannot hear, see, smell, taste or touch becomes clear and concrete in our Communion with Christ.

14.  Do for others what Christ did for us.

15.  It takes the Church – The Body of Christ, to raise a child

16.  The Church can lead the world to Christ and the Church needs us to lead the world to Christ.

17.  The Church is Christ’s Body.

18.  Be a channel of grace: offer a place to vent, a sympathetic ear, a helping hand, a gently touch and know that the consolations of Christ come in many costumes.

19.  We need to be in Communion with Christ and the Church in order to go to the Communion of Christ and the Church.

20.  Once we’ve surrendered our life to Christ the life we live is no longer our own.

21.  Commercials say, “Just do it”; Christ says, “Just do right”

22.  When Christ comforts us, it is so that we in turn can be a comfort to others.

23.  Christ confers on us the courage to conquer our cowardliness.

24.  Continuous conversation with Christ . . .

25.  Conquer cowardliness with Christ’s courage.

26.  Christ comes as the complete cure.

27.  Completely and consistently Christ-centered

28.  Christ is in complete control, it is only a chimera if we consider ourselves to be in control.

29.  When we are completely Christ’s we are completely in Christ. Christ completes us.  

30.  Challenging circumstances craft us into Christ-likeness.               

31.  Consolation and comfort comes only through Christ.

32.  Contentment comes when we are comfortable with who we are in Christ.

33.  Cultivate Christ-like compassion.