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LOM 70


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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Prayers for Priests

Access website: Prayers for Priests

It seems that more than ever before our priests are victimized by all kinds of persecution, from temptations to martyrdom. They have answered "yes" to God's calling to become "another Christ" for us. Through their charitable service souls receive the Sacramental graces necessary for salvation. They are the means Our Lord uses to give us the Eucharist, Confession, Baptism... They need our prayerful support of their ministry to accomplish the mission God has given them.

Our priests indeed face systematic attacks from the enemies of the Church. Besides, they are naturally subjected to their own human weaknesses. For these reasons they need the help of the Holy Spirit to remain faithful to Our Lord each and every day. Would you be willing to intercede for them?
 invites you to help our priests. Please join their community and "Adopt a Priest". Help our priests in whatever way you can, as the Holy Spirit leads you: Lift them up to the Lord in prayer, offer sacrifices for them, ask daily Our Lord Jesus Christ to give our priests the fortitude and the perseverance to stand firm in their redemptory mission as Our Lord himself desires.