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Monday, July 11, 2011

Afterwords: WHY

Why be a copy when we can be an original?
Why follow the pack when we can lead the pack?
Why sit in the audience when we can stand up on stage?
Why be ordinary when we can be extraordinary?
Why be a failure when we can be a success?
Why be a chicken when we can be an eagle?
Why be a whiner when we can be a winner?
Why be fearful when we can be fearless?
Why be in the passenger’s seat when we can be in the driver’s seat?
Why be critical when we can be complimentary?
Why be terrible when we can be terrific?
Why be a broken record when we can be a record breaker?
Why be a bench warmer when we can be a starter?
Why tell a lie when you can tell the truth?
Why be a wimp when we can be a warrior?
Why be a follower when we can be a leader?
Why be negative when we can be positive?
Why be mad when we can be merry?
Why be shy when we can shine?
Why be hateful when we can be loving?
Why curse when we can bless?
Why be silent when we can be outspoken?
Why be cowardly when we can be courageous?
Why be lonely when we can be lovely?
Why think negatively when we can think positively?
Why be greedy when we can be generous?
Why frown when we can smile?
Why be sarcastic when we can be sensitive?
Why do nothing when we can do something?
Why march in unison when we can march to a different drummer?
Why be a victim when we can be victorious?
Why be boring when we can be brilliant?
Why be dull and drab when we can be sharp and sensational?
Why be a sour-puss when we can be a smarty-cat?
Why be a lazy dog when we can be a smart fox?
Why be anything other than what God made us to be, a beloved child of God!