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LOM 70

LOM 70


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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Afterwords: Twelve (12) Clicks to Change the Channel

1. A change of scenery only changes the outside. A change of self changes everything.

2. When we change what we say; it will change what we do.

3. When we change our attitude, our actions will change.

4. Be a model of change. Be a change agent.

5. We all have powerful stories about life-altering experiences that dramatically changed our life forever.

6. When we change our concepts of life we can change the course of our life.

7. There are people who change us forever.

8. We are in the season of mercy now but we do not know when the season will change to the season of justice.

9. Welcome change as we would welcome our best friend.

10. We are forever changed by our encounters with truth, beauty and goodness.

11. Be challenged, comforted, convicted, compelled and changed by Christ.

12. The world is the way it is and people are the way they are; only God can change the way the world is and only God can change the way people are.