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LOM 70

LOM 70


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 24: The Feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

For Private Use Only.
Lord, have mercy on us, 
Lord, have mercy on us. 
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us. 
God the Father of Heaven, 
Have mercy on us. 
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, 
Have mercy on us. 
God, the Holy Ghost, 
Have mercy on us. 
Holy Trinity, One God, 
Have mercy on us.
Holy Mary,
Pray for us.
Queen of Prophets,
Pray for us.
Queen of Martyrs,

Pray for us.
St. John the Baptist,
St. John the Baptist, precursor of Christ, 
St. John the Baptist, glorious forerunner of the Sun of Justice, 
St. John the Baptist, minister of Baptism to Jesus,
St. John the Baptist, burning and shining lamp of the world, 
St. John the Baptist, angel of purity before thy birth, 
St. John the Baptist, special friend and favorite of Christ, 
St. John the Baptist, heavenly contemplative, whose element was prayer, 
St. John the Baptist, intrepid preacher of truth, 
St. John the Baptist, voice crying in the wilderness, 
St. John the Baptist, miracle of mortification and penance, 
St. John the Baptist, example of profound humility,
St. John the Baptist, glorious martyr of zeal for God's holy law, 
St. John the Baptist, gloriously fulfilling thy mission, 

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, 
Spare us, O Lord. 
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, 
Graciously hear us, O Lord. 
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, 
Have mercy on us.

Christ, hear us. 
        Christ, graciously hear us.
V. Pray for us, O glorious St. John the Baptist, 
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of  Christ. 
Let Us Pray.
O God, Who hast honored this world by the birth of Saint John the Baptist, 
grant that Thy faithful people may rejoice in the way of eternal salvation, 
through Jesus Christ Our Lord. R. Amen.