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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Afterwords: Twenty (20) Jewels about Jesus

1.      Jesus is not a jailer who locks us up and throws away the key; rather Jesus is a janitor who mops up our messes and washes us clean.

2.      Jesus becomes real and visible to us when we become real and visible to others.

3.      Jesus is seen in His “most distressing disguise” of the mentally ill.

4.      Jesus loves everyone through us.

5.      Jesus in Mary’s Womb; be with all the babies in their mother’s womb.

6.      Instead of working in a dead-end job, work for the living-eternal Jesus.

7.      May we stop taking each day for granted and start fixing our eyes on Jesus.

8.      Pray not be bombarded with anti-Christian propaganda and not to give Jesus the “silent  treatment.

9.      Shared belief, homily, song, social interaction and scripture relieve our anxiety and bring us to Jesus because we can’t get there on our own.

10.  Jesus breathes courage and forgiveness into our confused and frightened  lives.

11.  Shopaholics: Shop with the Savior, what would Jesus buy?  

12.  Eating Disorders: Dine with the Divinity, what would Jesus eat?

13.  In Jesus Name may we be all that God wants us to be.

14.  Take a moment to call on God to come and carry us through. The Blood of Jesus breaks us free from the bondages that have been holding us back from all the beautiful things God has planned.

15.  Let us all make our vehicles instruments of evangelization to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  May all things praise the Lord.

16.  Give others the very best we have; Jesus Christ in  us.

17.  If we deeply love others, we, like Jesus will tell them the truth.  This is not imposing a burden or putting a guilt trip on them, but rather is giving them the opportunity to have treasure in heaven where neither rust corrodes nor moth  consumes.

18.  Be awed and amazed by Jesus, Who was conceived for us, born for us, suffered for us, died for us, and rose for us so that we could live forever with  Him.

19.  Reveal Jesus, do not conceal Jesus

20.  Jesus, help us get off the bench and stop being a bench warmer and get into the game and start being a believing warrior.